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Dr. Andrew Romanowski Ph.D.

Dr. Andrew Romanowski

Andrew is also the Vice Dean and Assistant Professor at the Institute of Applied Computer Science at Lodz University of Technology (TUL).

His Ph.D. thesis was related to statistical algorithms for inverse problem solving in electrical process tomography measurement systems. His DSc (habilitation) was related to contextual data processing and crowdsourcing methods for industrial processes monitored with tomography systems. Andrew’s current research focuses on combining data together with users and their needs. He is looking for progress in applications where data processing has not been fully automatized yet. He investigates how to couple human and computer intelligence in order to achieve improved outcomes. Additionally, as a practice-oriented academic with industry experience, he is primarily interested in stimulating user development through interactive systems. His goal is to establish coherent practices that use human computer interaction (HCI) in everyday life, industrial and professional contexts to create knowledge and innovation. Andrew has served for several years as Chapter President and Officer for Polish Information Processing Society Chapter, ACM Lodz Chapter, and SIGCHI Poland Chapter. 

Andrew is a co-author of more than 150 publications, including several books, book chapters, and numerous journal and conference papers. He gained scientific experience during research internships at leading European research centers.


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