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Kris Skrinak
AIEDC -- Board Member

Kris Skrinak

Kris has expertise in Economics and Mathematics, as well as being the Global Machine Learning Technical Lead at Amazon Web Services (AWS), and the Co-Founder of the Machine Learning Group for the Amazon Partner Network (APN), prior to Amazon --- Kris was a Computer Vision Architect at GoPro. He founded and sold 2 Silicon Valley startups in Finance and Network Monitoring.

Kris started his career as a Quantitative Strategist at Goldman Sachs, developed predictive maintenance apps as an AI Engineer at ATT, and later was with Sun Microsystems where he developed a love for entrepreneurial ventures. His first start-up was Capital Technologies. CapTech developed a network monitoring system, renamed FogLight, and service organization, renamed SiteRock. FogLight was acquired by Quest Software Inc (NASDAQ: QSFT) and SiteRock by Navisite Inc (NASDAQ: NAVI).

Kris left CapTech to be the lead investor and President of the Web-based investment research firm, ClearStation. After 18 months of aggressive growth Kris guided the sale of the company to E*TRADE Financial (NYSE: ET).


Paul Romer's Work

"Economic Growth, Technological Change, and Climate Change"

"Ideas, Nonrivalry, and Endogenous Growth"

Stanford's Published Paper

"Are Ideas Getting Harder to Find ?"


"Our Mission and Vision is to protect the “Idea Creator”, and our “Partners”, as well as to create a Socially Responsible Sustainable Economic Development Platform."