Our Competencies

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Emerging Technologies

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Cloud Platforms

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Software Utilities

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Front-end Technologies

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Programming Languages

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Mobile Apps

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CMS & e-commerce

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Systems & Practices

Our Emerging Technologies

Cloud, BI & Analytics

  • Cloud migration and management with AWS and Azure.
  • Solution architecting on AWS.
  • Designing with AWS infrastructure.
  • Data Analytics, Business reporting and Visualization.

Mobility & Enterprise Digitalization

  • Mobile based digital enterprise applications.
  • Digital transfomation and its adoption on faster Go to Market Strategy.
  • Service Augumentation.


  • ML and Cognitive computing providing embedded innovative solutions.
  • RPA & AI solutions augumenting and automating current business model.
  • Data Modeling Solutions in Regression,Clustering and Time Analysis related.

BlockChain, IOT and Connected Devices

  • With IOT Solutions, designed and deployed smart Meters and sensors for Energy Management System.
  • IOT Application, deployed Sensors for water PH value calculation
  • With Blockchain, managed solutions for supply chain management for tracking of information from Farm to feed and Training & Certification information for Education.

Enterprise Application Services

  • ADM,ASM,Managed Services, Staff Augumentation, Rapid Prototyping Design & Development.
  • Complete customer software development, design to deployment implementing Microservices.
  • Omni Channel customer experience.
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration testing.

Technology Strategy and Planning

  • Agile Processes.
  • New-Generation Technology Enrichment.
  • Innovative Design for new-generation platforms.

Cognitive Services

  • Facial Recognition solution developed for Attendance Management & KYC.
  • Speech to Text Solution for translating live call and provide sentiment Analysis.
  • OCR & Computer Vision - printed data captured and auto- allocate to fields.

Paul Romer's Work

"Economic Growth, Technological Change, and Climate Change"

"Ideas, Nonrivalry, and Endogenous Growth"

Stanford's Published Paper

"Are Ideas Getting Harder to Find ?"


"Our Mission and Vision is to protect the “Idea Creator”, and our “Partners”, as well as to create a Socially Responsible Sustainable Economic Development Platform."